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  • 1. Parties.

    On one side; (hereinafter referred to as ”SERVICE PROVIDER () and on the other; The real person or legal person whose information has been received by the registration form on the site by purchasing the SERVICE PROVIDER's products / services through the website of the provider ( of the SERVICE PROVIDER (this site) or m YOU ”, this Service Agreement (the ıla Agreement arasında) is accepted in the form and conditions listed below. After that; CUSTOMER / YOU and the SERVICE PROVIDER may be referred to separately as the ”Party“ and together with the AY Parties MÜ.
    This Agreement is an addendum and an integral part of the u Service Agreement hüküm that you have accepted in an electronic environment.

    2. Subject and Purpose of the Contract

    Subject of this Agreement; It is the determination of the procedures and principles regarding the sale and use of the rental and / or virtual server service that the CUSTOMER has purchased from the SERVICE PROVIDER.

    3. General Provisions

    3.1. The service provided to the CLIENT by the SERVICE PROVIDER under this Agreement is basically as follows; Ownership of the physical server device belonging to the SERVICE PROVIDER (server leasing) and / or ownership of the service provider and virtualization technology and shared virtual server use of resources shared by the server in the SERVICE PROVIDER Data Center is connected to the internet backbone to which the SERVICE PROVIDER is connected .
    3.2. The CUSTOMER will be able to control and manage these servers, which are directly connected to the SERVICE PROVIDER backbone, via remote access protocols.
    3.3. The CUSTOMER may take any of the physical or virtual server rental services from the SERVICE PROVIDER under this agreement.
    3.4. Any changes in time on this contract approved by the CUSTOMER during the online application will be notified to the CUSTOMER via the website and / or by e-mail. If the CUSTOMER continues to use the SERVICE PROVIDER services, it will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the changed contract.

    4. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

    4.1. After the cost of services or services requested by the CUSTOMER is collected, the SERVICE PROVIDER will open the Services and inform the CUSTOMER.
    4.2. SERVICE PROVIDER; is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be incurred by the CUSTOMER due to any malfunctions, malfunctions, faults and pauses that may occur in the telecommunication lines and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in which the service is taken. In the event that the line is interrupted due to such malfunctions that may occur on the connection, the CUSTOMER may not claim any right or compensation from the SERVICE PROVIDER. However, the SERVICE PROVIDER shall make maximum efforts to correct the fault in the event of such a fault.
    4.3. CUSTOMER, dedicated to sending e-mail spamming, fraud with phishing, attack on internal or external networks, etc. accepts, declares and undertakes that the server shall be disabled by the Contractor and that the wages paid until that date will not be refunded to him / her and that he / she is liable to compensate any damages that may occur for such would. The Customer shall comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the regulations of the ICTA (Information Technologies and Communications Authority) and the rules that the Contractor has put and will put into effect.
    4.4. The CUSTOMER is responsible for all the data in the electronic environment that the CUSTOMER provides within the scope of the service it has received and the damages that the service provider and 3rd parties will suffer due to the content of this data, and such 3rd person will make the service PROVIDER since the requests.
    4.5. CUSTOMER undertakes that it will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey regarding the services it hires / purchases. The Client hereby declares and undertakes that in cases where the laws and regulations are in contradiction with the services it leases and buys, it will be solely responsible for this situation and that the PROVIDER and the third parties will incur losses due to contradiction and will make the SERVICE PROVIDER from any demand.
    4.6. For Server Rental and / or Hosting Services; system management operations are the responsibility of the CUSTOMER unless all software adjustments, software security and other restricted access information on the systems are arranged and also determined and purchased in the service content.
    7.8. For Server Rental and / or Hosting Services; All backups of the relevant server and the restoration of the backups are the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER, and the backup operator may be authorized by the SERVICE PROVIDER for a third person or fee.
    4.8 The CUSTOMER is responsible for the installation, licensing, adjustment of the information, documents and software included on the server, and for the issues related to the software and all related issues.
    4.9. In case the server rental service is received from the SERVICE PROVIDER:
    a) The SERVICE PROVIDER shall complete the physical modification or arrangement requests of the CLIENT on the servers to be rented / leased by the CUSTOMER within one (1) working day following the notification of the CLIENT. The SERVICE PROVIDER will be able to offer similar features but different brands and capacities.
    b) The SERVICE PROVIDER shall remedy any hardware malfunctions reported by the CUSTOMER as soon as possible in the devices subject to this contract during the service period. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall not be held liable for data loss or service interruption.
    c) The SERVICE PROVIDER will be able to replace these devices with equivalent devices in terms of quality, capacity and technology where exchange of devices is required. Where the equivalent products are not available or cannot be supplied in the required time; The SERVICE PROVIDER may replace devices with higher quality devices. In such cases, the SERVICE PROVIDER will not charge an additional fee from the CLIENT.
    4:10. CUSTOMER acknowledges that, as a matter of business, the SERVICE PROVIDER may carry its own servers when necessary. In this context, an IP address collected to the CUSTOMER can be changed with a different IP address. The SERVICE PROVIDER does not guarantee that it will be able to continuously maintain IP addresses assigned to the CUSTOMER. If the IP address is changed, the SERVICE PROVIDER shall notify the CUSTOMER of the new IP addresses to be assigned by the CUSTOMER at least 2 (two) weeks in advance. In case such a change is required, the CUSTOMER shall fulfill its obligations for the realization of the change.
    4:11. The SERVICE PROVIDER will be able to provide the necessary support to the CLIENT regarding the service subject to the contract via the user panel and / or telephone on the basic issues. The CUSTOMER will be provided with a service / fee for the support to be provided in the data center where the equipment is allocated and the CUSTOMER will be informed.
    4.12. CUSTOMER, the service provider or other network, system, system resources (CPU, RAM and Network resources) connected to the network, the service and / or use of the device will certainly not be found in activities that will cause disruption. In such cases, the SERVICE PROVIDER may request from the CUSTOMER to reduce the use of system resources to an acceptable level or the cost of additional technical equipment and resources required to meet the resources used. Otherwise, SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to terminate the agreement.